01 July 2016

It’s been six years since the first commit of Confuser, and I’ve been developing ConfuserEx for 2 years. However, due to various reasons, I decided to discontinue the ConfuserEx project today. Version 1.0 would be the last official version released by me. I might still add some fix occasionally, however no major change or addition would happen. If someone would like to take over the project, please feel to fork it and inform me about it.

If you need to obfuscate .NET applications, I suggest some alternatives of ConfuserEx:
- Eazfuscator: A previously free obfuscator, with good obfuscation strength and compatibility. Not many public deobfuscator is available.
- ILProtector: A relatively new obfuscator, with reasonable protection strength.
- .NETGuard: Based on ConfuserEx and focus on protection strength. May have some compatibility problem.
- Smart Assembly: It’s protections strength is not high, but the stability is high and easy to use.

Disclaimer: I have not fully test the above obfuscators, so use them at your own risk. If you found ConfuserEx is still working and suitable for your application, feel free to stay with it. Anyways, thanks for all the supports!